The Saga of the NY Jets

jetsAnother season is about to start and one of the ongoing sagas continues to be what is wrong with the NY Jets? Many love to blame Sanchez. I’m going to point fingers at the larger problem, that being Rex Ryan.

Let me say that I’m rooting for Mark Sanchez. I loved his play when he was with USC and I still think he is one of the gutsiest QBs out there, he is still young and has a lot to learn and figure out about the NFL. What I don’t like is Rex Ryan as his coach. There is no doubt about it Rex Ryan is one of those coaches who acts as though they are the star of the team and as such the NFL media circus follows him with every bated breath.

One simply needs to look at his numbers to prove he is nothing but a media hit and not a quality head football coach: overall career record 38-30-2. Why? With a team like the Jets had the past few years (omit the 2012-13 Tebow/Sanchez debacle) they should have thrived. The problem with Rex Ryan’s coaching style is he still doesn’t see the overall picture. Ryan was born and bred into a coaching family of defensive specialists. When he came into the league as the defensive line coordinator (and eventual head defensive coordinator) with the Baltimore Ravens in 1999-00 he found great success and helped lead the team to Superbowl XXXV. However when you look at that Superbowl team, they didn’t really need much help arguably having the best defensive players in the league at the time. Fast forward to a couple years down the road when the team started to fall apart in 2004-05, having lost a lot of its core. Rex Ryan was no longer the defensive specialist superhero everyone though he was and eventually was let go in the mass exodus of the Ravens staff.

Enter 2009 when Ryan joined the NY Jets as head coach, the team was already pretty decent and as such his first two years were pretty successful having to make only minor adjustments. But the past two seasons have been nothing but problems and disappointments. The Jets have had a number of great offensive weapons but all have been poorly utilized, recycled, and let go (ie. Santonio Holmes, Ladamian Tomlinson, Darrelle Revis).  It is incredibly hard for Sanchez to form a QB-player relationship when the offensive talent are always on the out. The problem that the offensive has is that they cannot stick to solid core for longer than two-three weeks. A lot of it has to do with Ryan, he loves to address the media and seems to base his game plan on the appease or reaction of reporters. Accordingly, more pressure and blame gets put on Sanchez because he cannot deliver to the ever continuing change of game plans and players.  Also to note, the Jets defense (what Ryan is known for) has fallen apart the past two seasons posting some of the worst numbers in the league. If Ryan would stay out of the media for a season I feel Sanchez and the Jets would be far better off and maybe have a chance to gel as a team. Then we will see if Ryan really can coach a football team like he says he can.

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2 thoughts on “The Saga of the NY Jets

  1. Matt Wrench says:

    I wonder if Ryan hadn’t been so successful during his first two years, he probably wouldn’t be doing so poorly now. Those first two playoff runs made him think offense is largely irrelevant and made him focus on improving his already good defense during every draft. I think he’ll eventually learn his lesson but probably not while still with the Jets.

  2. heeltouchdown says:

    Absolutely. The first two years of his tenure with the Jets is arguably his downfall, he didn’t really have to do much except improve the defense which he did. Then he bought into the media circus and the team began to fall apart. I also question whether his players even respect him anymore when he tries to blame them continuously in press conferences for his shortfalls.

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